Contuning Legal Education ("CLE") Lecture Association of the Bar of the City of New York by Timothy J. McInnis, Esq.* " Whistleblowing, Qui Tam and Employment Retaliation Cases, Potential Opportunities and Hidden Landmines" (Primarily For Plaintiffs’ Counsel) New York City —The news is full of stories of multi-million dollar “bounties” paid to whistleblowers. To the inexperienced plaintiffs’ attorney these reports may raise unrealistic expectations about what is possible in his/her practice; they may also cause smaller, more certain cases to be overlooked. In any event, the news reports seldom point out the many difficulties associated with these kinds of cases. This program is designed as a primer to expose plaintiffs’ attorneys, including those who practice employment law, to the fundamental concepts in this area of law. It will combine theoretical analyses with pragmatic suggestions, including many beguiling ethical issues that are inherent in most whistleblower cases. The core of the program will center on representative, but not exclusive, statutes with whistleblower bounty, qui tam and/or anti-retaliation provisions. Within this framework it will discuss how to spot and evaluate whistleblower cases and how to proceed to a successful end result. If the program’s objectives are met, the uninitiated plaintiffs’ lawyer will better positioned to identify good cases, will generally understand the basics of how to prosecute them and will have some idea of the types of pitfalls that must be avoided. All attendees should leave with a better appreciation for this “high risk—high reward” area of practice. For more information about this program please contact McInnis Law. *Jan. 18, 2005 PresentationNextMore on Bank Fraud


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